Escassi does not intend to rectify despite the request from María José Suárez: a judicial war is approaching

The soap opera of the summer is getting complicated and could end up in court in a few days. As we anticipated last Tuesday, Maria Jose Suarez She is willing to defend her honor and her good image not only on the set of From Friday but also in the courts, which she visited this morning. The model filed a request for Alvaro Muñoz Escassi in which he demands that he retract his statements about the nature of their romantic relationship, which the rider described as “open.” According to VAVLara Dibildos’ ex has already received it and is blunt: “It’s not going to rectify.”

“He believes that he has told his story and that he understands the way to explain the moment in which the couple found themselves. He does not feel that he has said anything bad about her, so he has no interest in rectifying his version.”they said on Thursday. So, if Escassi sticks to his guns, María José will take the next step: a lawsuit for assault on honour. “She wants to make it clear, actively and passively, that they did not have an open relationship. She has never let a third person in and reiterates that she was unaware of the sexual tastes that Escassi claims were known to everyone around her.”

And that’s not all, because according to TardeARMaría José could extend the lawsuit against Escassi due to the existence of some compromised files that he would have shown to third parties without their consent: “They are on Valerín’s mobile phone, they could be videos, photos or audios or even text, of a personal nature,” said Luis Pliego. She, however, has denied this information: “María José asked me about those videos and I told her I didn’t have any of that.”