The Spanish climber Erik Noya has advanced to the quarterfinals, where he has lost to the Austrian Tobias Plangger, in a new test of the Climbing World Cup, held in Salt Lake City (United States) and where he has achieved his third record of Spain of consecutive speed.

In the qualifying round, the Galician managed to lower the national record to 5.67 and in the series of quarters he scored 5.66, setting his third consecutive Spanish record. Thus, he is among the top seven climbers in this World Cup.

Noya arrived at this last week of competition in the United States showing his good form in the first qualifying rounds, with a time of 5.67 (lane A) and 5.73 (lane B) that gave him access to the finals, placing him among the five best climbers of the round.

Already in the finals, he exceeded the eighth ceiling against the Kazakh Amir Maimuratov, in a series in which he stopped the time in 5.67, while his opponent did not stop the clock by making a mistake during the ascent.

For the first time, the Spaniard reached the quarterfinals, after having made it to the second round in the previous final played last week in Salt Like City and also in Seoul. His rival was the Austrian Tobias Plangger, who entered the round with a time of 5.69.

The series, very fast, was decided on the side of the Austrian, who set a time of 5.59, compared to Erik Noya’s 5.665, which was enough for him to set a new Spanish record in the specialty. Tobias Plangger made it through to the finals, where he won the silver medal.

Indonesian Vendriq Leonardo won gold (6.33) against Plangger, while Italian Ludovico Fossali took bronze in a competition in which Noya finished seventh.

In the women’s category, María Laborda consolidated herself within the world ‘Top 20’ by achieving 19th place in a competition that brought together 32 climbers. The young Aragonese climber stopped the clock in 9.08, very close to the pass to the finals, which was set at 8.56 by the Ukrainian Tetiana Kolkotina.

The victory of the category went to the Polish climber Aleksandra Miroslaw, with a time of 6.54 and who set a new world record in the qualifying round with a time of 6.53. The American Emma Hunt and the Polish Aleksandra Kalucka achieved silver and bronze, respectively.

The IFSC Bouldering and Speed ​​World Cup in Salt Lake City will continue this Saturday with the participation of Alberto Ginés, current Olympic champion, in the Men’s Block qualification and Aida Torres in the Women’s Block qualification.