Enrique Ponce mentions Luis Miguel for the first time after starting his relationship with Paloma Cuevas: “That is evil”

Friendships can turn into something more or simply disappear. Years ago, Paloma Cuevas y Enrique Poncewho formed one of the strongest marriages in our country, met with Luis Miguel to play golf, eat in good restaurants or simply catch up. However, when the bullfighter broke up with the Cordovan and began dating Ana Soriawho is still his girlfriend, everything changed.

Enrique Ponce made headlines for his new relationship with the young woman, who at that time was unknown to the general public. A bullfighting enthusiast and, at that time, a very young law student, she caught the attention of the gossip press. Meanwhile, Cuevas relied on his friend, Luis Miguel, who over time became something more: the man who made her believe in love again.

Victoriano Valencia’s daughter and the Sun of Mexico began dating two years ago, which caused a complete estrangement between Ponce and his now ex-friend. It is therefore surprising that this Thursday she referred to him in an interview with Carlos Herrera on COPE. I had never talked about the musician, until now.

Carlos Herrera asked him: “A friend of mine has sent me a bad message… Tell him that when he goes to Mexico to bullfight, he should invite Luis Miguel to the bullring.” This caused laughter in the radio studio. “Is that evil or what? I’m above all that, Carlos,” replied Ponce, avoiding going into detail about the godfather of one of his children..

In his conversation for Herrera on COPE, The bullfighter also spoke about the importance that Ana has in his lifeThe only time they talked in detail about their relationship was in The AnthillThey did it together in what was the Andalusian’s first interview.

“Being by your side fills my life. She is an extraordinary woman, she is supporting me a lot in this decision to return to say goodbye,” he said, very grateful. He did not mention his ex-wife, who has been accompanying Luis Miguel on his extensive world tour these months.