In 2023 they will already be dating for three years. Who’d say. Few were betting on them when their relationship came to light, especially due to the age difference between the two. The bullfighter turns 51 this December long weekend, on the 8th, and the future lawyer is a young student who is still very focused on her studies.

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Enrique Ponce y Ana Soria, who express their love in Almería, have shown that they can handle criticism and gossip. However, they cannot deny that the age difference changes some of their plans.

In this sense, the journalist Sandra Aladro explained this Friday in Ana Rosa’s program: “They rule me out that 2023 could be the year of the wedding with Ana or that of a possible baby. Not because they don’t want to, but because she is young and wants to wait until she finishes her studies.”

Bibiana Fernández has not bitten her tongue since the Mediaset set and has commented: “Let them get married then when they are older. She in the nursing home and he in a wheelchair. I’m going crazy,” he said.

Enrique Ponce’s plans in the arena

Beyond the personal field, the ex of dove caves He also has an eye on the wheels. He announced his retirement in June from 2021 and since then rumors of his return have been constant. Recently, bullfighting media reported that he had a proposal on the table in Istres, France. Although for the moment it remains at that, in a proposal that could materialize (or not).

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“His closest professional environment we lie if we say yes or no because he is not signed but he is considering it. It would not be a return to the ring with a season with many runs, but to return next year, if that is the case. finally makes the decision, doing three or four special things and little else”, added Aladro.