Our predictions and that of the majority of his fans have been fulfilled: Rosalía y Raw Alejandro they marry. The artists have released an EP together this Friday and it has been at the end of the video clip of Kissone of the three songs on the mini album, where they have taught the request for a hand from the Puerto Rican to the Catalan.

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“All the smeared mascara, hey,” says the singer of get rid of while trying to wipe away her tears and showing the camera the engagement ring that her boyfriend has just given her. An emotional moment that they recorded themselves in an evening.

In the video clip, just over three minutes long, the lovebirds review their three-year relationship. There are scenes of travel, intimacy or concerts until reaching the tender ending with commitment included. Rosalía had already released a track on the air when she said during an Instagram live that the song from Kiss It was the one that her grandmother would like the most, who asked all the time when the wedding would arrive. And now we know why.

Rosalía and Rauw have been together since 2020. They met while recording Aphrodisiac and from there to love was only a matter of time. Although it was an open secret, they did not make their relationship official until September 2021 through various images posted on Instagram during the 28th birthday of the Catalan artist. In 2022, they went one step further and they bought their first property together. It is a modernist mansion located in Manresa and is listed as an Asset of Local Cultural Interest. It has eight suites, an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi and large gardens, among other benefits. The price? Two millions of euros.

As expected, the announcement has driven his followers crazy and the name of both is already a trend on Twitter. At the moment, there are no more details about the date but we are sure that it will be the wedding of the year and, in addition, that there will be a lot of music.

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