Emre Mor's football career has seen a final chapter towards drift. His strange trip to Dubai to treat his pubalgia has been the last straw for Coudet's patience. “He will not play again” or “he has disappointed us” are some of the phrases that come out from the environment of the coaching staff. At the press conference prior to the match against Real Madrid, Chacho already left some sign of his discomfort: “The only thing I can tell you is that the PCR was done a day later because he could not find the clinic …”, said the Argentine coach with some sarcasm.

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On his return from Dubai, Coudet was questioned as to whether he was disappointed in Emre Mor's behavior. If one reads Chacho between the lines, it is easy to decipher his conclusion: “I am not talking about particular cases, only except to highlight a player. I am not to publicly question anything. The things that I have to talk to my players, I speak internally. Things are said internally, not publicly. He went to Dubai authorized by the club, it's not about whether I like it or not“.

The excuse during the first days of Emre Mor's return was that he had not passed the two PCRs necessary to join the work with the team. Now, the official version of the club is that he trains on the sidelines because he is injured. The fact is that the eccentric Ottoman footballer has been in the dry dock for more than a month due to a pubalgia. It remains to be seen if it is his last departure from tone, but every day it seems clearer that he will not wear the light blue shirt again in an official match.

The photos that Emre Mor uploaded on his Instagram account during his stay in Dubai are another issue that the club has not liked. Perhaps that has been one of the reasons why the Turk has decided to delete his profile. Be that as it may, the coach hired in the summer to control his troubled character must have resigned from his duties. Emre Mor has once again lost control. He has another year on his contract, although Miñambres is already looking for a way out for him.