The Basque presenter has returned to television after the cancellation of Live life in summer. Emma Garcia stood in front of Fiestathe new Telecinco weekend programme, which started this Saturday with a message addressed to the family of Inigo Onieva.

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“I want to send a message to a mother, to that of Iñigo Onieva, because I have seen some very harsh images of her and I put myself in her shoes, she must be going through a very complicated moment,” said Emma.

“I have absolutely empathized with the situation, with this hurricane that has come to them and that I suppose they do not know how to manage. Beyond who is to blame, who suffers, the infidelities, everything that comes after … Those images of that mother absolutely devastated and that sister. I put myself in her skin, “added the presenter.

The truth is Carolina Molasformer mother-in-law of Tamara Falco, has been very touched for a few days by the scandal formed by the infidelities of her offspring, she is a very discreet woman and had never seen herself in a controversy like this. And the same happens to Onieva’s brothers, who have already been fed up with media pressure.

Jaime, brother of Iñigo Onieva