This Friday, Paloma García Pelayo made public in The Ana Rosa Program what Ana Maria Aldon y Jose Ortega Cano They had already signed the divorce after months of a media storm around a crisis that they have not been able to overcome.

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A news that they expected to know in scoop in Fiestathe program in which the exfrutera collaborates, and they have made it known this Sunday both Emma Garcia like the rest of his classmates.

“The last of us have found out. It is that you have already come divorced and I had to notice it to your face and because of the information that had come to me from other colleagues. How can it happen that you sign and we received the signature for all the sites, except for you?”, the presenter reproached him.

“I congratulate Paloma García Pelayo for having discovered that we had divorced, but what surprises me is that it took her more than a week to find out, we signed the divorce ten days ago and no one except her seemed to know,” she defended herself. Ana María, who was sitting in the center of a circle made up of collaborators.

In the opinion of Beatriz CortazarIt was “not very generous” on the part of Aldón that he did not grant that exclusive to his program. “Maybe you’re right, but since I’ve never done it… The news has always come out and it’s never been about me. So I don’t take it for granted that I have to do it, because others have always given it for me,” he excused himself. she.

More critical of Ana María has been Juan Luis Galiacho: “You are a very smart woman, you know perfectly well what you do and what you stop doing. People think not. You have given the exclusives you have given when you have wanted and to whom you have wanted. You have not given it to them to this program because you didn’t want to”. Given the apparent lack of self-criticism on the part of the former Survivors 2020 contestant, Emma has intervened again: “I think you could have told us, quite naturally; look Emma, ​​I’ve divorced but I prefer not to talk about it, and that’s it.”