Villarreal CF already add 60 goals this season, a record that is one of the best in history for the Castellón team. The team throws an average of 1.6 goals per game, which makes this team one of those who sees the door with more regularity. Therefore, and after thirty-seven days this yellow team is in a position to climb the podium of the highest scorers of history, since with two matchdays to go they can surpass that of the 19-20 seasons in which sixty-three goals were scored, and the record of the 07-08 season, in which they finished the season with sixty goals.

so marking a goal would already be the third highest scorer in history, while scoring three goals, Emery’s team would already be the second top scorer. What seems complicated is that the best record in history can be certified, since they should score nine goals to match the sixty-nine goals of the season 04-05.

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*Data updated as of May 13, 2022

A scoring facet in which it stands out that these records have been achieved counting on the casualties of two of his scorers, since Gerad Moreno they have missed twenty of thirty-seven league games, while Danjuma has not played in fourteen games. Absences that had not been, would have made the team surely add many more goals this season.