New roadmap in the Athletic in order to approve the budgets for this season once they were knocked down in the first attempt three weeks ago. The rojiblanco club has announced the variations that it will present in the Extraordinary assembly next Tuesday, November 30, which will be held in the Palace of Euskalduna from Bilbao and not in San Mamés as was the Ordinary.

The only item on the Agenda to be discussed will be the one referring to the budget for the financial year 2021-22. The main modification is the one referred to the covid fee that Ibaigane wants to charge partners to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. A spill that has brought down the path of bitterness in recent months to Aitor Elizegi and its board of directors, since the delegates of the Athletic They have already rejected two proposals.

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The current one consists of a covid fee of 85 euros for all members of the rojiblanca entity, regardless of the location they occupy in San Mamés and without setting the disbursement ceiling in the respective installments. In other words, it is a linear spill. It represents a reduction of 35 euros compared to the previous proposal, which was raised to 120. As it also did in the October Assembly, Ibaigane You agree not to designate any game as Club Aid Day during this campaign. Thus, an income of 24,631,367 euros is budgeted for membership fees, the same amount as in October.

“The amount of 85 euros allows budgeting for the season 21-22 an income from membership fees equal to a full normal year,” communicates the Athletic through the note issued on its website. The Bilbao entity also informs that, as of Monday, the individualized calculation of its quota for 2022 will be available to its members. “The amount corresponding to the matches that each member has not been able to access in 2020 and 2021 will be deducted due to the condition of COVID-19, which will be subtracted, once officially confirmed this December, the party in San Mamés against him Real Madrid“.

There are a few more small modifications with respect to the accounts prepared in October. In the income section, an additional profit of one million euros is computed as a result of the sale of general capacity tickets and San Mamés BAT. All if the pandemic allows it and full capacity is maintained until the end of the season. The revenue budget amounts to 135,913,327 euros.

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In the expenses chapter, for its part, additional efficiencies are foreseen in the ‘Repairs and maintenance’ item for a value of 380,000 euros, amortizations are reduced with a difference of just over 160,000 euros in the forecast of the extension of a existing contractual relationship to meet the agreed objectives for this and the cost of developing a new Assembly. The budgeted expenses amount to a total of 140,383,846 euros.

“As a result of the updates, the budgeted result for the 2021-22 financial year is a loss of 4,470,519 euros, which exactly matches the Covid losses attributable to the season,” says the Athletic. The net result improves by 985,000 euros with what was presented in the October Assembly and “the higher estimate of income and the slight adjustment of expenses allows to have 466,458 euros less of provision”.