Elena Furiase reacts to her famous and viral April 1: “I’m up to it”

For 14 years, Elena Furiase trembles when it arrives every April 1st. One of the funniest moments in the history of our television was carried out by her in Password with the pun of April and May (April-close). Social networks do not forget it and every first of this month they are filled with memes and humorous comments about it.

This year has not been an exception and Lolita’s daughter has reacted with a video on Instagram: “I’m reading many messages. I’m not up to the very one of you, I’m up to the very moment that my friends send me the video.”

The actress added: “14 years have passed and every year it has been recurring. Do you think I don’t know what month we are in? I’m not up to anyone’s bun or strawberry tree, simply that my environment repeats the same little joke to me. So, April 1, enjoy it a lot. That’s it, it had to be said, it was said.”

the interpreter of The intership He has also shared a funny occurrence in stories: “Elena Furiase is for the month of April what Mariah Carey is for Christmas.” She added: “Damn, this is cool!”

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In another order of things, the mother of Noah and Nola has also celebrated on her social networks the inauguration of her grandmother’s long-awaited museum, which this Friday of Dolores opened its doors in her native Jerez de la Frontera. “I love my family… It’s not for nothing, but I have the best.”

They were all: from Lola Orellana y Pedro Antonio Lazagason of Rosarioto Rosario herself, Guillermo Furiase (Elena’s brother) and Lolita Flores. He did not miss the appointment Dawn Flowersthe daughter of Anthony Floresy Carmen Flores, sister of La Pharaona. A historic photograph to pay the homage that one of the greatest figures of our culture deserves. This year, in addition, the centenary of her birth is celebrated.