New statement regarding the 'Fuenlabrada case' and the resolution of the season in the Second Division. The Elche squad, who has been working since the end of the regular season with his mind set on the possible Playoff, now shown “incredulous” after speculating on new alternatives. It should be remembered that LaLiga came to name the illicit playoff team as a full right, but the days go by and a final resolution still does not come. Meanwhile, the Fuenlabrada He has already formally requested to play the match against Deportivo de la Coruña.

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It is precisely this that has led the Elche staff to demonstrate, demanding the agencies an immediate solution to be able to focus on goals. In addition, it denounces that the contractual situation of many players It could be complicated if the future of the competition is not known as soon as possible. Along the same lines as the club, the players clamor to know their near future. The entity issued an official note yesterday in which it announced that it will present allegations. This is the statement from the footballers:

First, we want to convey our outrage at an embarrassing situation of uncertainty that causes:

-We don't know if we have to play a promotion playoff to LaLiga today.

-That since the last regular league game 12 days ago, the team has continued training with the utmost professionalism and commitment, without knowing whether it will be of any use or not.

-That we want to report that, today, there are very complex contractual situations for players, and that we want an immediate solution by the competent authorities.

-A disbelief, since we do not understand that after being named promotion playoff team by LaLiga, now we are talking about other totally different solutions.

Secondly, we also want to express our deep discomfort, after having scrupulously complied with the protocol, that we are the injured team. That is a situation that we are not going to accept, we were going to defend our interests without entering into any media war.

For all these reasons, WE DEMAND the competent organizations to give us a quick and fair solution to this bizarre situation.

Finally, send our support to all those affected by COVID-19 and wish for a speedy recovery.

Hours later, Julio César Giner, councilor of Elche, charged very hard against Fuenlabrada and considered that there is a black hand that wants to benefit the Madrid club. “There has been a very serious concealment, and from these facts there cannot be a benefit for the offender. From the first moment there have been suspicious movements to benefit the Fuenlabrada. We are puzzled and angry. The investigating judge has already said that there has been flagrant conduct by the Fuenlabrada. Fuenlabrada himself acknowledges that there was concealment by the club regarding the positives “, stated in Cope.

Julio César Giner confessed that he is optimistic about the resolution of a case that allows Elche to play the playoff: “At the club we continue to be optimistic because the facts are clear and we see that Fuenlabrada has behaved contrary to good sports order and that the health of Fuenlabrada players was put at risk. That negligent conduct is bordering on intent. The health of the four clubs that are waiting for the playoff is being put at risk. “

Regarding a league of 24 players in the Second Division, Elche's adviser did not comment: “The truth is not a subject that we are studying. We are focused on Elche playing the playoffs and we are not focused on other things.”


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