If Sabadell has been characterized by something in recent years, it has been in trying to form solid projects and with the intention of maintaining them in the long term. Despite the fact that in football the results send, the sports management from Harlequin has always shown a blind trust in Antonio Hidalgo since it arrived and, for the moment, it is not going bad. It is true that Sabadell has to wait to see what result Alcorcón obtains in its postponed match, but the harlequins are currently watching the standings and are out of relegation.

Staying calm when the results do not arrive is something that costs and that is why Sabadell has become a strange case this season in Second. And the reason is none other than, Of the seven clubs that are currently in the queue of the classification, the harlequinade is the only one that maintains the coach with whom the course began. Albacete, Castellón, Alcorcón, Cartagena, Zaragoza and Tenerife have already carried out, at least, one replacement on their benches and the only one that seems to have worked at all and is getting good results more regularly is Tenerife.

Shield / Flag Sabadell

In Sabadell memory does not fail and, in addition, the Harlequin squad blindly trusts Gentleman. He saved them from relegation to Third and has returned him to professional football. The start of the campaign was to forget, with five defeats in the first five games, but this did not alter the plan of the sports management. The technician has always appreciated the support shown and the directive believes that it is the ideal to keep the team one more year in Second. Coach changes don't always work. And in Sabadell they have a maxim: stability pays off.

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