In recent years, different reality shows have proliferated in the world of television. The appearance of Triumph operation gave a new twist to this format in which the contestants learned and developed some of their skills as is the case with the program Master Chef or more recently Masters of Sewingto. Well in the I raised They are very aware of this latest program that focuses on the world of fashion and that can be seen in Spanish television

And it is that among the participants is Javier Cortes. A manager from I raised who is currently the head of the Department of Recruitment and Competition. A task that is quite delicate in football clubs and that makes him have a direct relationship with the Levantine squad.

Javier Cortés, director of Levante, participating in Maestros de la Costura.
Javier Cortés, director of Levante, participating in Maestros de la Costura.

For this reason, it is common for the players of the I raised encourage you from home and share messages of support on social media. Something almost unthinkable if it were not for the granota painting also competing in this fashionable reality show. Among the photos that this 48-year-old Valencian has shared you can see one with the captain, the ‘Commander' Morales the day of your renovation or more recently with an ex-mattress like Miramon (in its day it passed through the subsidiary of Atlético de Madrid).

And it is that every Monday Javier Cortes He is the great star of Levante. This Wednesday they will be the players who face the leader, the Atlético de Madrid of Diego Pablo Simeone.


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