Manuel Diaz‘El Cordobés’, has been transferred to a hospital in Tudela (Navarra) after suffering a severe beating in Navarra this Friday.

The right-hander, who plans to hang his ponytail at the next San Lucas fair in Jaén, had discomfort in “the upper part of his femur.” As his attorney informed EFE, Alberto Garcia.

Due to his hip prosthesis, he is undergoing a radiological study to confirm the level of the injury. Although there are still no definitive results, the representative has confirmed that “it seems that it was just a blow.”

This new catch comes just two months after Manuel suffered a serious goring during the third fertilizer run at the Huesca fair. After being operated on in the square’s infirmary, he was transferred to the San Jorge Hospital.

At that time, the most worrying injury was on the left hand, where he had “a blunt wound on the second finger, along with a comminuted fracture of the middle phalanx, along with severe trauma to the soft tissues.”