Eintracht has the accounts with Jovic: “He is the player we knew”

“Jovic has his heart in the right place”, that's how optimistic Adi Hütter, Eintracht coach was, about the state in which the striker on loan from Real Madrid arrived at the game against Wolfsburg. Then the Serbian proved him right on the field for a valuable 4-3 victory in which Jovic made the momentary 2-1 in a goal that was remembered in Frankfurt. But the best thing for the technicians of the German team was not only the goal, it was also checking two things. In the first place, Hütter had warned since the arrival of Jovic that it was going to take him a while to adapt it to the system or rather to make him coexist with the moment that André Silva lived and lives, which did not stop shining as the only point of reference. Making the two ends coexist was not easy. And secondly, an acceptable physical version of Jovic had to be recovered.

The Eintracht quickly warned and prepared a plan that is now beginning to prove them right. It was going to take a few weeks to get it ready and now the accounts are going to the technicians. “He came in with a little physical gap, but that was exactly the plan: we always said that he would really help us in the latter part of the season,” explained Bobic, the sporting director after the game. “This is the Jovic we know,” Hütter insisted after the game, “he had been better lately and I am satisfied because the double 10 has worked, he is on the right track.” For the coach it is essential that Jovic is able to live with the drive of an unstoppable Silva this season, who assisted the Serbian and also added another goal and another goal pass to his account. The Portuguese accumulates 24 goals and nine assists.

Jovic has a contract until 2025 with Real Madrid and is on loan until the end of the season. The player said a few days ago that his intention is to return to the white club. Madrid could use it very well to make money with him to undertake some of his dreams in the market. Eintracht is on track to beat Borussia for fourth place in the Bundesliga, the last one with the right to play the next Champions League. That push could help Eintracht make an effort, but the player's record of five million per season is a huge effort. For Real Madrid and Eintracht, it is to be celebrated that the German team's plan with the Serbian is working. Its value, at a minimum, will remain. It is around 20 million, but it cost 60.