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EHF Champions League: Jorge Maqueda or when you can remove yourself from the Champions

Gabby Barker





The European Federation places the Final Four in August, when many players have already changed teams. In the case of the Spanish winger, their current team, the Pick Szeged, and the new one, the Veszprem, will most likely face each other in quarters.

Jorge Maqueda, during the last European, with Spain.

The television rights bubble forces: if there are no games before the end of the season, there will be no income to the clubs and if there is no income to the clubs, there will be no wages for the stars. Due to the coronavirus crisis, all the sports competitions in the world are lost right now in the same maze and only when the pandemic is controlled will they be able to guess the exit. Although some tournaments are already looking for it. And, perhaps by obligation, they are only able to find it through strange and really complicated paths. For example, the handball Champions.

Before the round of 16 was disputed, the competition had to be suspended and now the European Federation (EHF), its organizer, proposes to finish it three months beyond what was planned, in August. According to his idea, the Final Four, which has been held for almost a decade at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, will take place on the weekend of August 22 to 23, a date that provides scope for virus control, but which at the same time it creates chaos that will be difficult to manage.

On June 31 many player contracts end and, in handball, unlike in other sports, it is usual for them to be signed by a new club many months before. For example, since January it is known that on July 1 the Spanish side Jorge Maqueda will go from Pick Szeged to Veszprem, both Hungarian clubs. And there he is. If the Final Four is played in August, will Maqueda already be part of the Vezsprem squad and who will quite possibly be his rival in the quarterfinals in June? Indeed, the Pick Szeged. In other words, in the same season, the Spanish winger could deny himself the option of playing the Final Four.

“We always lose the players because we are never taken into account,” denounced Maqueda through Twitter with only two ways to avoid the strange confrontation against which his team will be a few days later.

The first, that the EHF force to extend the old contracts until August 31, something highly improbable. The second, that one of the two teams lose in the round of 16. The Pick Szeged faces the Macedonian Vardar, the current champion, but greatly diminished by economic problems and the Veszprem faces the Polish Wisla Plock. In both cases the Hungarian teams are favorites. If they do, will the role be for Maqueda: Strive to remove himself from the Final Four?

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