Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva will celebrate the official request for a hand next April 22 at the house of the mother of the bride, Isabella Preysler, the house located in the Puerta del Hierro urbanization in Madrid and known as “Villa meona”. Only the relatives and close friends of Tamara and Íñigo will attend the traditional celebration, that is, parents, siblings and their families. Unfortunately, only the father of the bride will be missing, Carlos Falcoof whom just this week marks the third anniversary of his death from covid.

As Informalia has been able to confirm through family sources, the Marquise de Griñón and the nightlife businessman will meet in the large family home of the Preysler clan to seal the commitment with all the ceremonies that are customary among families with titles and high economic level.

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The celebration consists of offering a dinner to the groom’s family on behalf of the bride’s, and exchanging the typical gifts between the two fiancées, which are almost always a watch for him, and a piece of jewelery for her.

Tradition indicates that the request for a hand party is always held at the house of the bride’s parents, a few months before the date on which the link is closed. Tamara Falcó and her fiancée will meet yes I want next July 8 at the El Rincón farm, where the small palace that the gathering of the anthill inherited from his father, along with his brother Manuel FalcoMarquis of Castel-Moncayo.

Although these events are usually held with the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom, it will be difficult for all the brothers and sisters of the spouses to attend the party. In addition to Manuel, they could be invited Alejandra Falco, Marquise de Mirabel and the two youngest children of Carlos Falcó, Duarte and Aldara Falcon. Tamara could also have invited her brothers and sisters on her mother’s side; Chabeli Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Julio Jose Iglesias y Ana Boyer.

Onieva’s family is not far behind. Íñigo is the eldest of five siblings, three from his father and mother and a half-brother from his father. He will attend the proposal, in addition to his mother, the businesswoman Caroline Molas, with her better-known sister, the actress Alejandra Onieva. It seems complicated that his father, who is also called Íñigo, comes from Mexico, where he remarried and is the global director of E-Commerce for the Barceló Group.

The request for a hand will confirm a link that was about to not take place, after a video was made public at the end of summer last year in which Íñigo Onieva kissed another woman during a party. After her girlfriend broke off the engagement, the Marchioness took advantage of the Christmas holidays to forgive the slip to the love of her life, take a romantic trip to the North Pole and recover the relationship on all levels.