The drama-episode of the engagement between the Marchioness of Griñón and the businessman Inigo Onieva it grows. From the moment that Tamara Falco announced his “engagement” (as Onieva himself would say), everything has been nonsense. Seen the notorious video of the boyfriend’s kiss with the brazilian modelseeing the forgiveness that Onieva launched on the networks to his girlfriend and the Falcó-Preysler family, seeing that Tamara deleted the photo of the engagement ring… Seen everything, now they don’t even follow each other on Instagram.

Or the mea culpa that Onieva launched as a statement apologizing for the snog has not worked or the daughter of Isabel Preysler he’s still thinking about it. This weekend, the businessman shielded himself on the networks against the wave of messages from users that disfigured his “disloyalty” towards Tamara Falcó. The dates of the images of him with Marina, which he placed in 2019, did not add up. A screenshot of the businessman with his friend (bottom photo) from two weeks ago dismantled his story.

There are two objective facts in this impasse that reinforce the rupture: first, that the bride and groom, whose wedding commitment has lasted three days, no longer follow each other on their Instagram profiles. Second, that Onieva still follows the profile of Marina, her Brazilian friend, a model who has worked in agencies such as NY Models or Central Models.

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