When discussing NFL and the rising competitions around, it isn’t surprising that more and more veteran players are coming out with their thoughts. 

Doug Floutie was recently asked about his thoughts and opinions on his current-day quarterback rival or competition and he had a pretty interesting choice of words while presenting his answer.

As reported by NFL odds site Betway, Floutie compared himself to Kyler Murray, who is 5 ft 10 inches in height and resembles Floutie in every way physically. However, Floutie tries to keep his perspective and his answers very diplomatic, focusing on the game and the situations that arise.

Further reiterating, Floutie says, “I love watching Patrick Mahomes, because he validates all the stuff that I tried to do. I was a shortstop in baseball, so I threw side-arm passes, jump passes. Just get the ball to the receiver however you can.”

As someone who has faced criticism back during his times of game during to his short height as compared to the other players on the team, Floutie has always been appraised for his innovative ideas and the way he plays the different streams of games. He has been appraised for the same too.

“I love anybody that is a little bit unorthodox, anybody that doesn’t fit the mould,” says Floutie.

With the rising changes to the games and the minds of people, no one is now stuck in envisioning the ideal quarterback as someone who is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Instead, people are focused on the skills the players show.

“I think I’d get more of an opportunity in today’s game. I had a chance to start and when I was in Buffalo and things went well, but I would become a franchise guy now. This is our guy for a 10-year window, let’s go. And that’s the frustrating part for me and my career,” Floutie comments.

However, despite all the “what ifs”, Floutie is a man of the present. He doesn’t necessarily believe in what happened and believes to focus on what the future has in store. 

When asked about the traits the Floutie would define in an ideal quarterback of his choice, he had a few words of wisdom to share that coaches would likely benefit from.


The first pointer that Floutie highlighted was accuracy. It doesn’t matter if the player doesn’t have the strongest arm or stature, having an accurate positioning with the ball is what matters well in the end. If the quarterback can put the ball where it should go, there are no complaints whatsoever.

Arm strength

Although he did emphasize that arm strength doesn’t trump the need for accuracy, he doesn’t rule this out as a non-important factor. Arm strength is one of the factors that he readily believes is important to be included in the list of qualities that define a good quarterback in the team.


When talking about athleticism, Floutie couldn’t hold back from talking about Patrick Mahomes. He compared him further to Kyler Murray and Michael Vick but also emphasized how he is a better choice over the rest. 

“That’s all part of athleticism to me. The ball can come out whenever he wants it to come out. He doesn’t have to be set, he can be between steps and the ball is out,” he said.

Football IQ

Lastly, he also emphasized the importance of football IQ, something that he appraised Tom Brady for. Knowing about the fronts and defences in the game is the starting point to winning it. He also mentions Peyton Manning in this but decides Brady as his ideal choice.