Alba Carrillo has become one of the protagonists of recent days due to the video in which she appears getting involved with Jorge Perezmarried to the motivational coach Alice Pena and with four children, at the party that was held last Friday at the Unicorn party.

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The two allegedly ended up later at the house of martha lopezAlthough the versions of what happened that morning are different. Be that as it may, she is not responsible for ‘destroying’ any marriage since the affective responsibility with another person is his, and not her.

In the midst of all this commotion and the criticism she has received for getting involved with a married man, Alba has received the support of great friends such as Esther Dona y Fidel Albiacalso at the center of the press for her marriage ties to the late Marquis of Griñón and Rocio Carrascorespectively.

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“There have been big surprises. Esther Doña has written to support me, many people have written to me. Fidel Albiac also never fails me, he called me on behalf of both of them (him and Rocío Carrasco). He told me not to let They will stone me”, explained Alba in her podcast with Nagore Robles. He has maintained a close friendship with Fidel and Rocío since he met Rociito in talk to them (2014).

After the one that has been formed, the model also sends an important message to the former civil guard, whom she considered her friend before all this ‘scandal’: “Take some responsibility now, damn it. He tells the woman that he did wrong because he did not want to, but he did want to. If you screw up, say so. He continues to maintain that there was no kiss. I do not maintain anything, I tell people that I refer to the images. There was a joint launch of necks”. The ex of Fonsi Nieto and Feliciano López is tired of her messages on social networks and what the former winner of survivors I would go around saying, blaming her for what has happened between the two of them.