“Doña Sofía authorized the chemical castration of Don Juan Carlos”: Corinna ‘signs’ Villarejo and attacks where it hurts the most

The new chapter in the podcast of the former German princess has an exceptional guest: Jose Manuel Villarejo. The former commissioner has collaborated in the production to recount, as an exceptional witness, how the sexual activity of the emeritus became a State problem that the CNI tried to solve with a chemical castration behind the person’s back. Of course, with the consent of the Queen Sofia.

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“A Juan Carlos they tried to artificially castrate him so that he would stop having relations with Mrs. Larsen. A very serious thing”, says Villarejo. “They considered that it was a matter of State to annoy his libido, that warrior ardor had to be stopped, so to speak”, he revealed. Operation Farinelli, which refers to one of the most famous Italian castrati, and consisted of injecting the emeritus with female hormones behind his back. “The serious thing about this is that Sanz Roldán (former director general of the CNI) convinced Queen Sofía to sign the consent,” says the former commissioner.

In the chapter, entitled ‘Dark Soul’, Villarejo also recounts his relationship with Corinna: “The interest that they (Sanz Roldán) had was that I gain Corinna’s trust to recover a very compromised documentation that this lady had,” he explained. “I promised to extract information from her, to earn her trust so that she would tell me where she had the famous documentation; but she, with the appropriate skill and with the help of her lawyers, told me that she did not know where it was. Sanz Roldán understood that I “For the first time, I didn’t meet my goals. Until then it had been effective, but now it seemed that I had more or less switched sides.” The CNI director thought that Villarejo was acting as a double agent, serving both the intelligence service and the businesswoman, for which he faces crimes of bribery, influence peddling, disclosure of secrets and document falsification.

In 2018, the famous audios of Villarejo came to light, in which, among other things, he was interviewing Corinna, who confessed that “the generalissimo, the man who commands the CNI”, had threatened her with death. He also talked about Juan Carlos’ multimillion-dollar commissions and the private assets placed in the name of his cousin.