Don Juan Carlos lands in Vigo to participate in the weekend regattas

Fifth visit of the emeritus to Spain so far this year. Don Juan Carlos landed this Wednesday afternoon in Vigo to attend the regatta that will be held next weekend in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra. On the track he was received by his great friend Pedro Camposat the wheel of a high-end vehicle with which they have gone to his home.

The emeritus has traveled by private private jet, his usual transportation. He left from Geneva, Switzerland, where he resides while the renovation works are being completed at his residence in Abu Dhabi, and made a first stop in Vitoria to undergo a new medical check-up before embarking on the Bribón to compete for the Galicia Tourism Trophy. . His team will do it in one of the 2024 6 Meter League series, from Friday to Sunday.

Father’s visits Philip VI to Spain are becoming more frequent and also more discreet. Both the residents of Sanxenxo and the media in the area are beginning to get used to having the emeritus there and his stays have become normal, far from the crowds of photographers who were stationed at the doors of Campos’ house.

The last visit was last May, in which the emeritus enjoyed the company of the Infanta Elena and Cristina de Borbón-Two Sicilies, with whom he had dinner at the Real Club Náutico. And friends and family take advantage of Don Juan Carlos’s brief stays in Spain to share a few hours (or days) with him. On other occasions, his sister Margarita has traveled to Sanxenxo with her husband (Carlos Zurita) and her children, María and Alfonso, for example. Even his son, Felipe VI, deviated from his route on one occasion to meet him in Vitoria.