Tamara Falcó’s face was a poem as she listened to her boyfriend, Iñigo Onieva, flatly deny that he had been unfaithful to Isabel Preysler’s daughter. The young businessman tried to hide his alleged infidelity by ensuring that the images of the passionate kiss with another woman a few weeks ago at an American festival are from 2019. But a source close to Íñigo debunks his arguments and confirms that the alleged infidelity occurred this summer.

Tamara either plays dumb or is a spoiler, because changing her fiancé’s fame as a flirt at this point in life seems very difficult. Moreover, it is rumored that there could be new images that would show that it was not just a simple kiss. And that will come to light in the coming days.

They say that the Marchioness of Griñón does not want to see what is obvious to others, that people who love her well have recommended that she be very careful with whom she sees as her future husband.

At the moment, the date of her wedding is still set for June 17, 2023, and we say at the moment because another rumor suggests that Isabel Preysler feels very upset after seeing the images of who would be her son-in-law kissing another. She knows that her daughter has been hurt a lot. And the two have had a conversation about it. Although Tamara bites the bullet, the procession goes inside.