We know the face of the girl thanks to the exclusive Ana Garcia Obregon in Hola and to the numerous photographs that the 68-year-old presenter uploads every day to her social networks. Alessandro Lequiowho is affectionately called “yayo” on his show, has spoken of the supposed resemblance between the girl and her father, Aless Lequiosadly passed away on May 13, 2020 from Ewing’s Sarcoma at the young age of 27.

One of the sisters of the protagonist of Anne and 7, Celia, he assured after meeting the girl who looks like his father. Asked about such a resemblance in Ana Rosa’s programLequio responded this Thursday: “I am very bad with similarities. Aless was bald, he had no hair when he was born and he was very blond, like my daughter Ena. I see this more… I see this girl more dark. The girl is very cute, the truth, you have to tell the truth,” he clarified.

Ana Obregón returned to Spain this Wednesday with little Ana Sandra, born by surrogate in Miami on March 20 and thanks to Aless’s preserved sperm samples. Grandmother and granddaughter are living in the actress’ house in La Moraleja and, although the little girl will sleep first with her grandmother in the main room, when the time comes, she will sleep in the room that once belonged to Aless Lequio, as as the actress herself revealed in her greeting magazine interview.

In his book, The boy with the shrews, Ana explains that her son’s last will was to have children even after death. She claims that he asked both her and her father on his deathbed. Lequio, however, has not yet confirmed her version. She simply limits herself to saying that he doesn’t talk because that’s what her son would like, that he was always a very discreet boy with his personal life, unlike his mother.

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On whether Lequio intends to meet the girl, he himself also responded this Thursday from the chair where he collaborates: “What I want is peace and tranquility. Relax, discretion, I don’t want noise, silence. Now is not the time, a lot noise (…) I have a family with whom I am happy and a daughter [Ginebra Ena] that I have to educate I’m focused there. The rest will be seen “. He also joked: “Let the yayo stay calm now “