Sevilla's first move in the winter market is going to be to secure a signing for next season. The Nervionense entity has closed a pre-agreement with Serbian goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic, who ends his contract with Eibar next June and who could negotiate his future since last January 1.

Despite the attempts of the gunsmith team to continue counting on the one who has been their goalkeeper in the last four seasons, Dmitrovic's desire to take a leap in his military career in a team that, most likely, will play competition has weighed more European next year. At 28 years old (he will be 29 in ten days), the Serbian is at the ideal age and Sevilla has not wanted to miss the opportunity.

The goal was a pending issue in Sevilla that has worsened after the knee injury that Vaclik has suffered in this first round. The Czech has no return date and, in addition, a contract that Sevilla does not seem to end in June due to the work of renewing. His performance has not been bad and the behavior of the Czech is impeccable, but his physical condition weighs him down in a team that wants to take a leap in its aspirations.

Thus, except for surprise, Dmitrovic will share the goal with Bono next season. A former goalkeeper like Monchi will put into the hands of a former goalkeeper like Lopetegui two goalkeepers with the ability to start.

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