A goal by Djurdjevic, after a defensive error by Alcorcón in the 90th minute, gave Sporting the three points and the lead after a match in which the Madrid players offered great resistance and their goalkeeper Dani Jiménez avoided a win for his team.

Sporting came to the game with the possibility of regaining the leadership after the defeat of Almería in Eibar and also faced with Alcorcón, last classified, but things were not so simple, much less because the Madrid team played at a much higher level than your rating shows.

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Gallego recovered the under-21 international Gaspar Campos and in addition to that change he decided to make another for technical reasons, giving Juan Berrocal entry into the center of the rear as a partner of an immovable Babín.

For his part, in Alcorcón he planted himself in El Molinón with a defense with three center-backs and two lanes but also with his most advanced men, especially Lucho Vega, pressing the exit of the ball by the red-and-white defense that lack of ideas got stuck in that role, making the approach of the people of Madrid very effective.

With distribution in the possession of the ball, the clearest occasions were local, the first came in a crossed shot by Djurdjevic to which Dani Jiménez responded with success and the second just a minute later after a great pass from Montenegrin over Aitor García who broke Víctor García and stands alone before the goalkeeper who responds with a great save.

The main visitor chance was Lucho García after an error by Gragera in the delivery to a teammate in the vicinity of his own area, but this time it was Mariño who responded with a great clearance.

The first occasion of the second half was local again in a shot by Djurdjevic to which Dani Jiménez responded by saving his team from conceding a goal for the third time.

Sporting was more around the goal of Alcorcón but his arrivals also brought danger and above all unease to the stands that saw how the minutes passed and his team was not able to score.

Neither did Djurdjevic nor Puma Rodríguez do it again in very clear plays for them and in which Dani Jiménez was insurmountable until a defensive error leaves the ball Franco for Djurdjevic, to which the goalkeeper took his first shot but the ball rebounded in Gorosito and returned to the rojiblanco striker, who only has to push her to the back of the net.




Sporting de Gijón: Mariño, Bogdan, Babin, Berrocal, Kravets, Gragera (Nacho Méndez m.80), Pedro Díaz, Aitor García (Berto m. 85), Fran Villalba, Gaspar Campos (Puma Rodríguez m.64) and Djurdjevic.
Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez, Víctor García (Carlos Hernández m.87), David Fernández, Gorosito, Fornies, Juan Hernández (Asencio m.87), Lucho Vega (Marc Gual m, 58), Juanma Bravo, Arribas (Hugo Fraile m.77) , Moyano and Al Badaoui (Córdoba m, 58)
Goal: 1-0 Durjdjevic (M.90)
Referee: From the Ramos Fountain. He sent off Marc Gual (m. 90) with a direct red for facing the fourth official and showed yellow cards to Djurdjevic (m.18), Víctor García (m.19), Kravets (m.27), Gorosito (m.28 ), Moyano (m.31), Fornies (m.90)
Incidents: 14,146 spectators at El Molinón

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