'Nole' and Viktor Troicki beat the couple formed by Pablo Carreo and Feliciano Lpez: 6-3 and 6-4. The number two of the tournament leaves the undefeated tournament, recovered its best version.

Djokovic celebrates a point, next to Troicki.

Under the leadership of an immaculate Novak Djokovic, Serbia conquered the first ATP Cup by winning Spain in the doubles match that defines the final. Shortly after balancing the series with his victory against Nadal, the world number two made tndem with Viktor Troicki to beat Pablo Carreo and Feliciano Lpez in one hour and 15 minutes. (6-3 and 6-4: Narration and statistics)

The Balcnicos, with the support of their passionate, massive followers in the stands of the Ken Rosewall Sydney Arena, can boast their second great collective success, after the Davis Cup achieved in 2010. Dance Serbia. Baila Djokovic, prophet of this new tournament and with his best version in the newly awakened course. Leader from beginning to end.

After an hour and 55 minutes of intense confrontation in front of him, Nadal decided not to play the doubles match, which had usually joined both in the Davis Cup and in this ATP Cup. S did Nole, stimulated by an important victory against one of his great adversaries and determined to give his country the first title in this new competition. Without being a specialist, the winner of 16 Grand Slam titles has a quality bonus that manifests before or after. He lost his serve in the first game of the game, but he was able to amend the bad start and the initial hesitations of his companion, Viktor Troicki, to break the serve of Spain on two consecutive occasions and take the initial set.

Good start of Spain

The absence of Nadal pes in the tndem directed by Francis Roig, collapsed without remedy after the good takeoff. Feliciano Lopez gave his serve with a double foul at the start of the second set and left the Davis Cup hexacamps in a critical situation. Serbia chained six consecutive games and put the direct into the cup. With triumphs in his six singles and in his two presences in the double, Djokovic has shown himself as the main architect of the success of his country, playing the part that Nadal had in the conquest of the Salad bowl, 50 days ago in the Magic Box.

The Mallorqun was less tuned, than against Goffin, in fourths, against Blgica, he suffered the first individual defeat in a team competition in 16 years, Spain did not reach him with the reliability of Bautista, undefeated in his six presences as number two. Immense Djokovic, led his country to victory, proclaiming that, after the doubts at the end of last year, he is willing to fight for everything, with the Australian Open, where to look for your eighth victory, as an imminent objective.

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