“I am pleased and grateful that the judge revoked the cancellation of my visa. Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay and try to compete in the Australian Open. I’m still focused on that. I flew here to play one of the biggest events we have in front of their amazing fans. For now I can not say more, but THANK YOU all for being with me and encouraging me to stay strong “, wrote at the stroke of midnight Novak Djokovic on his Twitter account, a message accompanied by the photo that illustrates this article. The truth is that the number one in the world is closer to playing the first Grand Slam of the year, which starts next Monday, although the Aussie government could still prevent it.

A few hours after Judge Anthony Kelly annulled the “unreasonable” revocation of his Australian entry visa and ordered his immediate release, including the return of his passport, wallet and other belongings, Djokovic left the quarantine hotel for undocumented immigrants where he was locked up alone for five days. Around 8:30 p.m. local time, the Serbian was taken in a car to the Rialto Tower, where he met with his lawyers and argued, according to sources consulted by the Herald Sun, with government representatives who urged him to leave the country in opposition to the judicial resolution. He later reunited with his team and together they went to Melbourne Park for the player’s first training session at the Rod Laver Arena of the Ocean Open. As AS learned, Djokovic showed an impeccable physical condition despite his isolation, and worked in an atmosphere of euphoria and hope before undergoing a recovery session that ended around 2:30. at the hotel they had booked.

In Serbia, his family, who stayed up all night to follow the judicial process, celebrated his release. His father, Srdjan, alerted his son’s supporters to the possibility that he would be detained again, as it turned out that the Australian authorities intended to do so. That caused some disturbances in the streets of Melbourne as the car that transported the star passed. In Belgrade, the Djokovic saga offered a massive press conference in which his brother, Djordje, thanked their supporters and Judge Kelly, because he was “thorough and neutral.” “The only thing that Nole defends is freedom of choice and justice has been done,” he said.

Exaltation and patriotism

Dijana, the mother, claimed that the winner of 20 Grand Slams was “mistreated”. “We didn’t know if he was okay, we couldn’t talk to him. All mothers will understand my concern. It’s the biggest win of his career.”he added. “Novak is the embodiment of goodness and what the human being can give. Those who had something against him, have no heart. It is a great triumph of the free world,” snapped Srdjan. At the end, The relatives, embracing, sang the refrain of a symbolic song by their compatriot Tijana Rajkovic: “One country, one team. I feel pride with all my heart. I come from Serbia, I never leave.”