Hours after Craig Tiley, director del Open de Australia, publicly communicate that tennis players who want to play the first Grand Slam of the season must be vaccinated against covid-19, the reactions have not been long in coming. Especially when the tennis players who are in full fight for the title in the ATP Turin Finals, they were asked about it.

As expected from your repeated innuendo in recent months, Novak Djokovic, little friend of vaccines in general, gave a most enigmatic answer about whether Whether or not he is in Australia: “We will see. We will have to wait and see.” In a similar, mysterious vein, Medvedev showed himself: “Yeah, actually I’m a bit surprised that they confirmed it so late, let’s say. It’s been months. At least I knew that was probably the case. The prime minister or the Governor of the state of Melbourne, I don’t know if I don’t remember exactly who said it, but it was official. I was surprised to see this news because I was like, what’s new? “

Photo of de Novak Djokovic

The Russian’s rival in the Masters final, Zverev, Yes, he was much clearer when giving his opinion on compulsory vaccination: “We are visiting another country. This is not about tennis. It’s about the virus that is passing, truth? This is not about a tournament or tennis. We are visiting a different country. At the end of the day the country is allowing us to enter. We have to follow the rules and follow the guidelines. I hope I am able to play. At the end of the day, I’m number 3 in the world, so if he doesn’t play (because of Djokovic), it’s easier to win the tournament. This is obvious. Too It is number 1 in the world, so it should be there. Hopefully the Australian government will make an exemption or whatever so that I can participate. “ The Australian Open (January 17-30) is just around the corner, with many unknowns to clear …