Novak Djokovic left one of the moments of the US Open final. When defeat was close, with Medvedev two sets up and leading in the third, the Serbian burst into tears at half-time. He ended up falling by a triple 6-4 and was enormously grateful to the public gathered at Arthur Ashe in New York, according to the cause of his tears.

“I have thought about both scenarios and what I would be saying here today. I want to say that although I have lost this final my heart is full of joy for how you have treated me,” said Nole. “I've never felt like this. I love you. Thank you very much for what you have done for me.”, added the Balkan, who also had compliments for Medvedev, reciprocated later: “He has had an incredible match and tournament. If there is someone who deserved to win a Grand Slam, it is him. He will surely do it more times in the future.”

Later, at a press conference, he gave the keys, in his opinion, of the defeat: “Daniil came out very determined on the court. You could feel that he was at the top of his abilities on every shot. He was very clear about what he had to do tactically. He executed it perfectly. On the other hand, my game was not up to par. My legs weren't there. I was trying. I did my best. But I made a lot of unforced errors. I didn't have, actually, serve. If you play someone like Medvedev who hits his points so well, with lots of aces, free points on his first serve, you constantly feel pressure in your serve games. It was one of those days when, sadly, it wasn't meant for me. “

Djokovic added that “energy wise” he felt “slow”. “If he had made the break in the second set, everything probably could have been different. But he did so well. It was amazing. All the credit went to his mindset, his focus, his game, everything. He was the best player and he deserved to win, without a doubt. “ The Balkan advanced that the old guard, at least in his case, will continue to wage war: “The elders are still holding on. We are trying to shed light on the world of tennis as much as we can. I speak in my own name. I still want to continue, try to win more Slams, play for my country. Those are the things that motivate me the most. “ He acknowledged that tennis is “in good hands, because everyone who is there and those who come are good boys and very, very good tennis players, of great quality. They have something to offer on and off the court.”

Satisfaction and relief

The one from Belgrade made a satisfactory balance of the season, despite this setback in New York: “Unfortunately, I did not execute the final step. But when you draw a line, you have to be very satisfied with the year. Three wins, three Slams and a final. For the last few years I have been very transparent about my goals, to play my best tennis at the Slams. I'm managing to do that. Of course, I fell short for another title, but I have to be proud of everything my team and I have achieved. And in tennis we learn very quickly to turn the page. Very soon there will be more challenges, more things to come. I have learned to overcome these kinds of tough defeats in the Slams finals, the ones that hurt the most. I will try to draw some lessons, learn, get stronger and move on. I still love this sport and I feel good on the court. As long as there is motivation, I will continue. “Finally, he said that the end of the match felt” relief “.” I was glad that it was over, because the preparation for this tournament and all that mentally and emotionally I had to face throughout it in the last few weeks it was a lot. At the same time, I felt sadness, disappointment and also gratitude towards the people and for that special moment on the track. “