Serbian Novak Djokovic will perform at ATP Players Council elections three months after he resigned to create the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA).

The Belgrade player decided to distance himself from the Council, led by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, but he will run again in the elections to be held at the end of the year. This was confirmed at a press conference by the Brazilian player Bruno Soares, member of the current council as representative of the doubles players in the top 100.

“I have seen the list of candidates and he is not alone. Many people. It's interesting, because he resigned three months ago to lead the PTPA. I don't know what will be happening with that association. They kicked me out of the group WhatsApp for staying on the Council I guess, so i don't know what ideas they have or what they do, “Soares said. “Surely he is just as intrigued and with the same curiosity as you for seeing him resign three months ago and now re-introduce himself “Added the Brazilian. Together with him, The Canadian Vasek Pospisil, another of the promoters of the PTPA.

“Both Novak and Vasek were always very active on the Council. That is good. They decided to go to the PTPA and we all respect that. There is not nothing wrong with what they're trying, but I guess you can't be at both sites at the same time, so they had to resign, “he said Soares. “I don't know what they will do if they are elected.”

This week, Rafael Nadal assured that he has not spoken with Djokovic about the PTPA and he explained that he does not see the need for this organization to exist with the Council already present.


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