Great event at Paris Fashion Week. Like a global diva, Penélope Cruz posed in a carpeted Louvre Museum, which looked gala for the occasion. She was covered in lush lace with a haute couture design by needle and thread master Giambattista Valli. Penelope, who joined the Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, did not attend the recent Venice Film Festival, where she performed Ferrari, Michael Mann’s film about the legendary Italian car manufacturer founder. Now we see her again in Paris. This time, accompanied by the diva among divas, Isabella Rossellini.

Penélope Cruz was wearing a gorgeous Italian couture dress by Valli, with lace at the strapless neckline, stark black and a mermaid tail. A very cinematic, Italian and also very Spanish look. Penelope personalizes her looks, she brings that unique Spanish air with red lipstick and dark hair tied up in a bun. It’s pure art. Wherever she goes she is the image of Spain.

Penelope dressed in Valli, but she is also the image of Chanel. She attended the Lancôme event as an ambassador, as did Isabella Rossellini, Aya Nakamura, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Chamberlain, Chiara Ferragni (pictured below).