Each Assembly held since 2018, a troop of unrelated mariachis with whom a controversial and questionable decision has put the spotlight again, indoctrinate some and point out others.

Clinging to “yes for yes”, they generate anger and point out who thinks differently. They assure that no matter how much they explain it, we do not understand them. Whoever has a Club or Board vision different from the one they want to put on fire, will be singled out if what they want does not come out at the polls. They divide. And they are outraged because the social mass is divided!

The photo

This Directive inherited a Provision of 82 million, considerably expandable thanks to Kepa, inherited operation. They receive a Patrimony of 193 million that will leave around 100. And a Box of 186 that will remain in about 90, Covid fee included. They gave up collecting any fees a year ago. They are data.

It is true that the Covid has been relentless and that no manager is prepared to manage something like this. But also that the good Captain is known to rule the ship in rough seas. To vote in conscience for the good of Athletic. And respect the Compromisario!

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