After more than fifteen years fighting in the areas, Diego Milito (June 12, 1979, Bernal, Argentina) does so now in the dispatches. After being sports director of Racing de Avellaneda, he awaits his moment in Europe, always hooked on football and his beloved Inter.

Photo by Diego Milito

How is life treating you?

Now I am enjoying family. After a few years we thought it was a good time to leave Racing, where we were managing the sports part.

How was your experience as a sports director at Racing?

It was very beautiful, I took a lot of lessons. It is exhausting, but it has been, in my opinion, very good and successful because we were able to meet many of the objectives that we set ourselves. Above all, we were able to show a different path within Argentine football where we are a little “behind” with respect to Europe, especially in what is the figure of the sports director. But I think the clubs are giving more value to this figure.

Where is it more difficult: pitch or offices?

Every role has its difficulties. The important thing is to do it with passion. Then each has its complications. Without a doubt, there is nothing that can be equaled to playing soccer. Not being a coach, sports director or commentator … That really is impossible. But now I am enjoying it and learning a lot.

“Inter can win at the Bernabeú”

Can Inter beat Madrid at the Bernabéu?

In football you always have to believe, to dream. It is a top level match between two great teams. Inter can win at the Bernabéu. Of course it will be difficult. You have a whole Real Madrid in front of you, that means a lot. But I think that today Inter can play a great game and win it. He’s in a good moment, with a good coach and good players to complicate Madrid.

You know very well what it is to win against Madrid … (He scored four goals)

They are one of those memories that will remain forever. In history and in me. Already scoring four goals in a game is complicated, imagine the Madrid of the Galacticos at that time. They are one of those dream nights in which the team worked out everything. Then we had to suffer in the rematch, but we managed to qualify for that beautiful Copa del Rey.

They play at the Bernabéu, a very special stadium for you where you won the Champions League with Inter …

It is a stadium that is a myth. It has been a pleasure to play there. It has given me one of the greatest joys of my sports career. But I also lost the final of the Cup against Espanyol there. But now, over time, I think about how lucky I was to play at the Bernabéu.

He has recognized on occasion that he was close to signing for Madrid. Can you tell when and how that was?

An approach was given twice. The first was while in Zaragoza, when Schuster just took over as Madrid coach. There was a rapprochement between the clubs, with my representative, but I don’t really know what happened. It would have been an important step in my career, but things happen for a reason. The second time was after the Champions League final, with the arrival of Mourinho. There were talks, but it could not be given either. I was very happy at Inter.

“Lautaro has qualities to play for Real Madrid”

Another player who has played for Madrid, among many others, and who you know very well is Lautaro. Do you see him playing in white?

I see it fantastic. I see him happy at Inter. He is in a top European club. He has the qualities to continue progressing, he is very young. Of course, he has the qualities to play for Madrid, or for Barcelona or for other large-scale clubs. But he is already playing at a top.

There is talk of Benzema, Haaland, Lewandowski … Who is the best center forward in the world for you today?

It’s hard. The ones you mention are forwards that I love. They are different. Some coincide in their characteristics such as Benzema and Lewandowski. Haaland is different too. Karim is a striker that I love, extraordinary. Logically, Lewandowski too. They are forwards of a tremendous level.

You were a pure center forward, with few touches and a lot of finishing. Do you get the feeling that this figure is being lost?

Soccer is evolving. Every time the striker is needed to participate more. I also liked to participate in the game circuit and now I like those forwards, like Benzema. The dynamics of soccer calls for that number nine. But you also need other forwards with other characteristics, in tighter matches where you need more of a reference.

The one who is very fashionable, although he is not a forward, is Vinicius, what do you think of him?

I know him very well. When he was in Brazil we followed him, but the Brazilian market is complicated for Argentina. I see it a lot. He is a striker who is constantly growing. He is a very decisive forward. He showed it against Sevilla on the hour. He is becoming a much more complete player because he has natural talent. He is a player with a huge future and he is showing everything he has at Real Madrid.

As a sports director, if you had to sign a star to lead your team for the next decade, who would you cheer for?

The question is very difficult because it has to do with the context of the team and many other things. We would go on to a matter of taste and I would tell you Messi because he is the best in the world and I always love him. But it is difficult because many things influence.

Finally, what is the next step you would like to take in your career?

At the moment I am commenting on the Italian teams in the Champions League. It is a good possibility to stay connected with football. I am free and I take the opportunity to talk with coaches and former teammates. It allows me to train and continue investigating. In the future, it will be seen …