The coach of Granada, Diego Martinez, rated as “very cruel and very hard” what happened to his team this Wednesday when they fell in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey after losing 3-5 to Barcelona in extra time after reaching the minute 88 winning by 2-0.

“You can't do more with the abysmal difference what is in the realities of the two teams, “the Granada coach said after the clash in a telematic press conference, who recalled that they had a” very clear chance to win “in the last play of the clash.

Diego commented that they arrived “very tired at the end” because of the “tremendous effort made“but they fought” to the end “and that is” to take off their hats “with their team.

“We have made the match The only way we had any chance of winning but it could not be, “said the coach, recalling” the circumstances “in which they faced the match” in terms of “injuries and accumulated fatigue.”

In fact, he believes that it was noticed “from the beginning” that it cost them, although he highlighted other values ​​such as “mental strength, pride, commitment, solidarity, playing as a team and being able to equalize in 90 minutes against a team from another dimension “.

“Sometimes these things happen, we have made mistakes in the management of the last minutes but we talk about Messi and Griezmannworld top players, “declared Diego, who described what happened as”very cruel and very hard“.

Despite the elimination, the Granada coach gave “congratulations and thanks“to his players because he believes they have made an” extraordinary “Copa del Rey and that what they have been achieving in recent years is” very great “.