The coach of the Pomegranate, Diego Martinez, has declared, after the match in which his team were defeated 2-0 in Ipurua, that the key action of the match was the penalty committed on Sergi Enrich that was the first goal for Eibar.

“On the penalty,” Martinez said, “we made a mistake, since it was a backstroke that had no danger at all.”

The Galician coach said that Granada had adapted well to what the match demanded and that they competed with “intensity and intelligence against an Eibar that demands a lot and more in this type of circumstance (in relation to the state of the playing field due to the rain)”. Martinez he regretted that Luis Suarez He would not have steeled himself on the clear occasion that he had as soon as the game started and that caused the “penalty play” to later define the match.

He also referred to Suarez's hand in hand with Dmitrovic that “makes some extraordinary saves” and said that if he had succeeded in these plays “the game could have given options to score”, since it was “very close and the penalty unbalances everything”.

Despite the defeat, he considered that the Nasrid team adapted very well and that they played the game that “was needed”. He congratulated himself on having been able to stop in the first minutes “the momentum of Eibar” and that his players had been “with a permanent concentration”.

Martinez also noted that although Bryan gil he scored two goals in the second period, in the first half “it was well covered” and did not create so much danger, but after the penalty his team “had to fight against the current”. For this reason, he reiterated that Granada's attitude has been “very good” and that it has responded to an encounter with a “brutal physical demand”.

He also highlighted the fact that the two teams have competed with “great nobility” and there has been a “good refereeing”, which has facilitated that despite the state of the field the game has run on very clean courses.


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