Diego Martínez: “Any extra-sports distraction does not suit the team well”

Medical part. “We don't know the extent of his injury about Quini. An MRI will be done. For the Cup match, the call was already conditioned by the injury of Max Gonalons. In addition, Yangel, Milla and Suárez were touched. Not taking them was an availability decision. In addition to Azeez, who negotiates his exit. For Celta, Quini, Gonalons and Milla will not be able to be. And we are waiting for Yangel and Luis Suárez. We are confident because they are tough, guys who take pain, but we don't know how long they are for ”.

The Celtic with Blades. “We already know that Iago is a decisive player in European football and so his numbers say. Celta is a good team that has a very fast ball circulation, a high technical level in its squad. It is going to be a very demanding match ”.

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Transfer market “I don't know what is going to happen. There's very little time left. We need additions. We need a signing. I think we are in a unique situation. All of this is historical. Seventh in the league, in the quarterfinals against Barcelona and with Napoli in the Europa League. All that in February. We are excited about all this, but we need reinforcements. We are excited, but in order to continue growing and surviving as a team we need additions. We are late. We need additions, as in the left side, which we have been wanting to carry out since summer. Hopefully in the next few days it can be finalized. We already saw last year, with players arriving on the last day and making their debut in a Copa del Rey semifinal, with what that entails (it is a reference to the signing of Antoñín from Malaga).

Will you rotate thinking about the Cup match against Barcelona? “I would love to be able to manage all the players available to make that assessment. But we don't have natural changes in the midfield. I think only and exclusively about the Celta game. From there, maximum confidence in my team, the commitment of these players is brutal and I feel privileged to lead this group. From there, from humility and giving everything in each of the games, with the values ​​of the team, we will compete as far as they leave us ”.

What do you think about the possible departure of Monterrubio as CEO? “It is a question for Monterrubio and the property. Any non-sporting distraction is not good for the team. That is a reality. I have so much in mind with the games and with the training sessions, that I don't stop to think further ”.

Can Nehuén Pérez go out?. “He is our player and I have no information to say otherwise. We count on him. In addition, we have already completed that adaptation period after he arrived on the last market day and left with his selection.

Tactical alternatives. “We always handle alternatives, like the defense of three, or Vallejo as a midfielder. That, by the way, in Pamplona it was not the culprit, I was and I assume it. We try to find alternatives depending on what the rival demands or your own availability. We tried to find those solutions that already at times of the previous season allowed us to cover the losses of important players. Regardless of who played, we had a sustained and sustainable performance over time. We are talking about Celta without Blades. All this highlights what this team has done. We will try to find solutions that give us performance. And, you know, in defeats this coach from here will always be the first. And the last one in the victories ”.