Diego Llorente, central of the National Team, has tested positive for coronavirus and joins Busquets, who left the concentration last weekend affected by COVID. There is another member of the delegation who has had to repeat the PCR test, although finally the Federation, almost at one in the morning, has announced that in the tests this Tuesday there are no more positives in the international squad, which is reduced to 22 of the 24 that Luis Enrique summoned in May. In any case, if confirmed, it would be a full-blown outbreak, since the CSD protocol considers that from three members of a team it is classified as an uncontrolled extension of the contagion.

Luis Enrique was cured in health before the possibility that the contagion of Busquets spread and that is why he extended the call with Brais Méndez, Rodrigo Moreno, Fornals and Carlos Soler, in addition to Kepa and Albiol. Meanwhile, he holds his breath and hopes that the incubation period of the coronavirus will pass without further displeasure.. But as the hours progress, the original list of internationals is increasingly compromised.

It is very possible that, in the face of this uncertainty and in the face of a probable drip of positives, this Wednesday more players will join, around half a dozen from the U-21, to the parallel bubble of footballers who have been recruited urgently due to the corona outbreak and who spend the night in a hotel in Madrid, far from the source of contagion that jumped in Las Rozas. As an example of haste, a button is enough: Brais Méndez was caught by Luis Enrique and came from the Greek island of Mykonos, where he was on vacation. And like him, someone else.