Diego Carlos: “I'm fine here, but you never know what might happen in the market”

Charles is one of the sweet tooth players on the market for the big clubs of Europe, although it is also true that the Seville He is not going to give it away and, if he leaves, it would be for an amount very close to his termination clause, which is 75 million euros. But behind him are the most powerful, the great colossi of the Premier
League, starting with a Manchester
City with the capacity to put even more money if needed on the table.

Meanwhile, the player is calm and prepares the Super Cup
Europe with the Seville. The appointment before him Bayern
Munich will be a new showcase and he knows that it would not make sense to take a wrong step before that meeting between the champions of the Champions and of the Europe

“I am very happy, working to be in shape as quickly as possible and with the dream of looking for more titles. My goal is with Sevilla, I have a contract with Sevilla and here I am and preparing to be well. You never know what might happen to the market. I'm very happy with Sevilla, I'm very happy here, but I don't know what can happen. For now I am calm and preparing for what is to come ”, explained the player in the‘Chain

I'm very happy here, but I don't know what can happen

The Brazilian is excited, like the whole team, with the appointment in Budapest on the 24th. “We are doing what we do best. We are improving the individual aspect on the field, everything possible to be able to play a good game. We will fight until the end. We know to the team that we are going to find ourselves in front, but we are prepared for everything ”.

“Koundé had a hard time getting started”

Finally, he also referred to his partner in the rear, Jules
Kooundé, also claimed by the greats, and Lopetegui: “Jules had a hard time getting started. He is young and had a different style in France, he liked to go out with the ball and it has been difficult for him to adapt. Little by little he gained confidence and he is a great defender and we talk a lot, a very good teammate and a good person. Lopetegui is a great coach who has many things that I like, always looking for us to be better on the field. Always on our side and doing the best for everyone ”.