Now that your break up with Santiago Pedraz and the controversy that accompanied it have been left behind, another new scandal hits Esther Dona. Some Mediaset commentators have assured that Jorge Perezthe protagonist of the week, tried to flirt with the widow of Carlos Falco months ago. She has responded this Monday: “It’s totally false, I don’t even know that man.”

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The former model, who is happy with her chair next to Sonsoles Ónega, has settled the issue in digital freedom: “How annoying that they are always inventing about me and want to get me involved in this type of issue”, he said. Of course, she did not want to say if she knows Alba Carrillo or if she sent her a message of support, as the model herself stated a few days ago. “They have put me in a soap opera and I am out.”

Esther Doña was on the list of possible conquests for Jorge Pérez, who they say is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The commentators of Save me They affirm that his roneo with Alba Carrillo has not been the only one these years and the name of the ‘widow marquise’ was joined by others such as that of Cristina Porta, Fanny Carbajo or Yiyahis partner in survivors.