Deschamps: “Griezmann illuminates our game with his left foot”


The France coach, Didier Deschamps, has ensured that striker Antoine Griezmann “illuminates” the team’s game, stating that he has “an above-average generosity”, and expects him to offer his best version this Wednesday in the World Cup semifinals. Qatar against Morocco, where he expects his team to have “the ball” to try to hit a rival with “a very rational organization.”

“Antoine is a player who has the ability to change the face of the team. He’s a coach, he has a great volume of play in a different role that suits him very well. He likes both to tackle and pass. With his left leg , has the ability to light up the game, and has above-average generosity. He has been at the highest level for 10 years and has the ability to be at his best when necessary,” he said at a press conference.

Faced with the possibility of reaching the final for the second consecutive World Cup, the French coach did not want to make comparisons with Russia 2018 champion France. “Normally I don’t compare, either four or ten years ago. The only similarity is that the French team “He’s in the semifinals like he was four years ago. We didn’t do everything perfectly, but we achieved a lot by defending well, being dangerous, scoring goals and, when there are difficulties, facing the most urgent ones with a collective spirit,” he said. .

In this sense, he assured that he will not have “any concrete message” for his footballers. “Tomorrow it will be a soccer game, although there is history and passion. As an athlete, I like to stay in my place,” he explained. “We’re in the semi-finals, it’s already a good World Cup. There are no secrets; you need a lot of things: the quality of the players, the collective strength, the state of mind and holding out a bit in the matches to make them lean on our side. For me, the key word is to adapt.”

In addition, he considers that the tie “is 50-50%.” “Morocco has as many chances to play in the final as we do,” he warned, highlighting the fact that they concede few goals. “We will do everything possible to find the solution. This team has a very good defensive capacity. It is not about reducing Morocco to the defensive sector. Their organization is very rational, their individualities allow them to defend well and damage all their rivals” , he stressed.

“We want to have the ball and create danger. Morocco does not give up having the ball, but each one has their game plan. My team will start this match with the ambition of having the ball as much as possible, but without standing still,” he continued.

Finally, Deschamps downplayed the large number of Moroccan fans that will be in the stands. “I don’t like the word hostile. They have a very important popular fervor, they make a lot of noise. Preparing for a game means preparing for what happens on the field, but also for the environment that surrounds it,” he concluded.