Deportivo had until 3:00 pm to file an appeal for the report by the LaLiga Social Discipline Judge, who considered that Fuenlabrada acted correctly and reprimanded the A Coruña club for wanting to continue playing the match against the Madrid team despite numerous cases of coronaviruses that are between their ranks.

They ask for more time

“It is absolutely abnormal and apart from the usual procedural practices that a Club like RC DEPORTIVO, a member of the LaLiga as a private sports Association, receives a communication of this nature without prior notice, on a Sunday – non-business day par excellence – and much less having Keep in mind that its content is a disciplinary file to FUENLABRADA, which has been initiated and processed with the practice of evidence by LaLiga for several days. Consequently, and without prejudice to the allegations and documentary contribution already contained in this letter, the RC DEPORTIVO requests, under art. 82 and concordant of Law 39/2015 the extension of the response time of this Club to ten (10) business days ”.

'Cronyism' in the LaLiga Judge

“At the time of writing these hasty lines, it turns out that we are learning through various digital media that the Chief of Cabinet of LaLiga, Mr. Víctor Manuel Martín Ortega and one of the witnesses in this File, is a close friend from the childhood of the LaLiga Disciplinary Judge. If this circumstance is confirmed, we consider that the testimony of Mr. Víctor Manuel Martín Ortega should be totally invalidated as regards the statement given. Likewise, this CLUB proceeds with the recusal of the LaLiga Judge of Social Discipline, who has a duty to abstain, to confirm this circumstance of intimate friendship indicated above with a high official of LaLiga, which prevents an impartial and objective processing of the file. with all the guarantees that are proper of a State of Law and that an Association like LaLiga must respect with maximum rigor and transparency before all its Associated Clubs ”.

Thebes' tweet

“Without prejudice to this, it is worth remembering – as it is stated in the file provided yesterday to the R.C. SPORTS – that the President of LaLiga, Mr. Javier Tebas Medrano, should abstain from exercising any type of action or decision before FUENLABRADA when holding his son, Mr. Javier Tebas Llanas, the position of legal adviser and Non-Board Secretary of the said Club, delegating to the First Vice President of LaLiga, Mr. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, any decision in this regard. How is it possible, therefore, that Mr. Javier Tebas Medrano has adopted the decision that FUENLABRADA also travel to the city of A Coruña, taking responsibility for such action? The decision has not only failed to comply with the protocols developed by LaLiga when dealing with the health crisis caused by COVID-19, but it also appears that the President of LaLiga himself has failed to comply with the guidelines instructed within the framework of the LaLiga compliance program. , that Page 5 of 16 compel him to abstain from any decision related to Club CF FUENLABRADA, S.A.D ”.

Role of the RFEF and CSD

“On the other hand, the LaLiga file includes the Minutes of a meeting supposedly held by the Monitoring Committee of the RFEF-LALIGA Coordination Agreement of July 20, 2020, and attended by the Higher Sports Council. Among the different items on the Agenda, is the postponement of the match that was played at 9:00 p.m. on that day between FUENLABRADA and R.C. Sports corresponding to the 42nd day. However, in the Minutes provided as evidence to the file there are various irregularities that cannot prove its validity: (I) Firstly, because it does not appear that the Minutes and the agreements adopted at said meeting have been approved by the RFEF being only signed by the representative of LaLiga. The signatures of the rest of the supposed assistants are missing. (II) Secondly, because – again – the meeting was chaired by the President of the RFEF, Mr. Javier Tebas, the presence of the First Vice President of LaLiga, Mr. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, person in whom all powers would have been delegated to adopt any decision regarding the FUENLABRADA Club due to a conflict of interest on the part of the President of LaLiga, again failing to comply with the instructions instructed within the framework of the LaLiga compliance program. Consequently, we request that a copy of the Minutes be provided showing that the agreement has been adopted with the RFEF Approval, stating the signature of the representative of the same or, where appropriate, the RFEF is required for the purposes that it certify that, indeed, it participated in said meeting and adopted the referred agreement ”.

Laboratory reports

“In the communications provided in the file, the recipients, dates and times are not specified. It is a partial, biased and totally incomplete report. It is not usual, according to medical sources consulted, that nine (9) hours have elapsed since the end of the tests carried out (08:35) until the warning that took place at 17:35 . The average time to know the tests and the result of a test is 30 '. Why did such a delay occur without informing all affected individuals, teams, public health authorities and private entities? For this reason we request that, in compliance with the data protection regulations, a Certification be issued by the Laboratory in which it is stated: – Emails sent by the Laboratory and their recipients. – Date and time of the referred emails ”.

Nullity of the file

“The procedure must be initiated pursuant to the agreement of the Delegate Commission, never through a mere letter sent by the First Vice President of LaLiga, being NULL OF FULL RIGHT, consequently the procedure initiated regarding File No. 17– 2019/20 for being contrary to the LaLiga Bylaws and other applicable regulations ”.