Joan Laporta announced a new signing for this week at Barça, but we got to Friday and There is not none news of it. News, actually, there are, but not those expected by the Barça president. Wijnaldum has given the scare to sign for PSG; Y Depay, which was the new face that Laporta thought he would announce, is concentrated with Holland without saying this mouth is mine despite the fact that yesterday he spoke to the media and had the opportunity to clarify his future. He didn't, so so clear is not.

The Barça sells its story, inspired by Cruyff doctrine: “Anyone who hesitates to play here is no longer useful to us.” So keep your offer and will not offer more money. If the player does not accept it, it will be because he does not want to wear Barça. Yes indeed, if Depay says no, It will be a hard hit for the Barça 2021-22 project. Koeman carry one year behind of a forward who is not a media player for the powerful figures that he manages; So what not only is he a scorer, but attend and has game dynamics. Koeman knew his contractual situation at Lyon, his potential, and he already wanted to sign him last season. The agreements were maintained. But Depay has continued to play as well or better and, seeing the panorama, has understood maybe your cache is higher, especially noting how his compatriot Wijnaldum has handled himself in an end-of-contract situation.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

To all this, it has transpired that the Juventus offers him three million euros more per season. And those are major words. The Barça, financially very limited, he insists that he has some margins in which to move and that it will not pierce them. Sources from the Barça club add that a would not mean that “he does not want to play for Barça.” The approach, yes, has something naive for the framework in which the new football moves. A Depay's refusal would be a blow to the project; Y, above all, to Koeman, which is based on Memphis and Messi part of his plan of attack 2021-22 to improve the dynamism and effectiveness, which so burdened the team.


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