After being left off the list to travel to Bilbao and the announcement of Matthew German pointing out that you should immediately look for an exit in this winter market, Ousmane Dembele wanted to give his version of his situation in the Barça and published a forceful message on their social networks.

This is Dembélé’s complete message:

Good morning to everybody,

It’s been four years since I’ve stopped reading things about myself without ever trying to justify myself. Gossip about me has been piling up for four years. It’s been four years since people have spoken for me, shamefully lied with a single purpose, the intention of harming me. I have been following my line of never answering for four years, of never justifying myself for anything. Has it been a mistake? Surely.

As of today, it’s over. Starting today, I will answer honestly, without giving in to any kind of blackmail. I am 24 years old and like every man, I have flaws, imperfections. I have lived through complex moments, injuries, Covid has affected me. Without the slightest training session, the mister has requested me and I have always complied… without question. Perform as well as I have always done because it is my PASSION. I am fully aware of my luck to dedicate myself to the most beautiful job in the world.

Also, my message is transparent. I forbid anyone to give the impression that I am not involved in the sports project. I forbid anyone to attribute intentions to me that I have never had. I forbid anyone to speak for me or my representative, whom I fully trust. Still under contract, I am fully involved and at the disposal of my club, my coach. I have always given everything for my colleagues and also for all the partners… it is not now that that is going to change. I am not a man who cheats and even less a man who has a habit of giving in to blackmail. Surely love is a variant of blackmail.

As you know, there are negotiations. I let my agent handle it, it’s his turf. My field is the ball, simply playing football, sharing moments of joy with my teammates and all the members. Above all, let’s focus on the essential: WIN

Take care and city to yours.”

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Hard statement from Ousmane Dembélé:

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