Dembélé ends his contract in June and Barcelona is already working on a possible renewal. However, despite the will of the Blaugrana, it seems that the French is not going to make it easy. All this after not having had the desired continuity in his four years wearing the Barça elastic. The Sanhedrin of El Larguero, from Cadena SER, analyzed the situation of the Barça forward.

Foto by Ousmane Dembélé

Miguel Martín Talavera was critical of the attitude that the French is having regarding the renewal offers that Barcelona has presented: “Dembélé is a great footballer. His only concern now that he is motivated is to continue squeezing Barça to get a better deal “

Jesús Gallego followed the same critical line towards the French player: “You sign a player at a price of gold and he spends four years injured. You want to renew him and on top of that he says he has more offers. It’s better than the Breaking Bad script. “

Sique Rodríguez, for his part, understands that Dembélé does not finish renewing for Barcelona, ​​since the proposals of other clubs are superior to Barça: “I think it’s easy for someone to pay Dembélé more than Barça. You put yourself in the agent’s shoes and you understand it. It’s been here for four years and it hasn’t exploded. “

Jordi Martí was the most blunt of the participants in the ‘El Larguero’ Sanhedrin. The Catalan journalist believes that Laporta’s board of directors should give Dembélé an ultimatum: “If it were Barça, it would toughen the negotiation. Either take it or leave it, and if it doesn’t end. “

On the other hand, pessimism grows within Barcelona regarding the continuity of Ousmane Dembélé, According to ‘Sport’, after the meeting held this Thursday at the club by the general director of football, Mateu Alemany, and the player’s representative, Moussa Sissokho. The agent has asked the Barça club for more time, something that the entity interprets as a way to save time to reach January 1, the day on which you can freely negotiate with other clubs.