The future of Ousmane Dembele paints every day further from the FC Barcelona. Despite the efforts of Xavi Hernandez for trying to convince him that with him he will be an important player in the Barça and that he can become the best footballer in the world in his position, the thoughts of the French striker and his agent seem to go a very different path.

While Xavi try to persuade DembeleBoth in their public interventions and in the day-to-day with the player with personal talks, those responsible for sports matters, both from the board of directors and the executive, continue to negotiate with Moussa Sissoko, the forward’s agent.

They have already sent you an offer that is as attractive as possible within the current possibilities of the FC Barcelona, but both the player and his representative consider it insufficient for their claims. DembeleFor now, he continues to tell Barça people that he wants to continue at the club, but the entity insists that they are working for the French winger to renew his contract, which expires on June 30.

However, today it seems very difficult for Dembele can continue linked to Barça. Besides of Manchester United, which has the French international as one of its main objectives for the next course, the Newcastle has appeared on the scene pushing very hard for the forward. With the arrival of the new Saudi owner, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the ‘hurracas’ will have a huge economic injection and will push hard to make a competitive team, just as it has happened with the Manchester City after the entry of the capital of the Arab Emirates or with the PSG with that of Qatar.

Although there are still 35 days left before you can start trading freely, Dembele you already have on the table an astronomical proposal from Newcastle, right now impossible to match for him Barça. The ‘magpies’ offer him 15 million tokens, plus another 15 transfer bonus, in addition to the commission for the agent Dembele. Given this offer, and despite the many efforts that the Barça to try to retain Ousmane In his team, the French striker, advised by his representative, would already have his head more outside than inside the Barça.

From the club they resist giving him up for lost and insist that they are working to get him to renew, but the future of Dembele every day it seems closer to the Premier League. There is still time for there to be a script change, but today the Newcastle has been placed in the ‘pole position’ to take over the services of the French international, who reached the Barça in summer 2017 in exchange for a fixed € 105 million.

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