Ousmane Dembélé, at times, you can give the feeling of being a person removed from the world of football when you do not have to jump on the grass. These years a great player has been seen on the field of play, a fan of video games in his spare time. Nevertheless, Patrick Bamford, one of the stars of Leeds, has revealed that his club is one of the great passions from the French extreme.

Illan Meslier, the France Under-21 goalkeeper, surprised Bamford when he asked for the shirt. Not for this, something natural after the conclusion of a match, but for the reason. The goalkeeper explained that Dembélé had asked for it with great enthusiasm, since he is a true Leeds fan and does not miss a single game. He also insisted that he get the Kalvin phillips.

Bamford saw the opportunity to ask for another favor in return: he wanted a Dembélé shirt with Barcelona. The winger was delighted to agree and Meslier, this week, made a videoconference with the Leeds player to show him the gift that the azulgrana had for him: one of his elastic bands from a signed match.

After we played Fulham, he said 'I need your shirt please'“, he relates. At that moment, and because of the tone used by Meslier, Bamford wondered why in the special. The goalkeeper replied that Dembélé and Leeds were somewhat shocked and he did not associate that his rival was referring to the Barcelona star, something he discovered with the answer.

Then Bamford was pleasantly surprised and did not believe the opponent's testimony. He agreed and requested in exchange the same present from the Blaugrana. He also revealed what the dedication on the kit put: “To my brother Bamford, from Dembélé“. Shelling a little more to the unknown figure of the French, it has come to light that he is an unconditional fan of Leeds and Marcelo Bielsa. Who knows if one day fate will take him there, although at the moment he seems poised to be at the top for many years to come.