Del Amo confirms that Montse Tomé is still there and that he wanted to “protect Jenni Hermoso from all pressure”


Rafael del Amo, president of the National Women’s Football Committee in the RFEF, confirmed this Wednesday that Montse Tomé, women’s national coach, will remain in her position and that the players have not expressed any opposition, while he clarified that the protection to which What the coach said about Jenni Hermoso was referring to “all the pressure” that there could be on her.

“Montse Tomé is still the coach, she has met with the players privately and there have been no words against her,” Rafael del Amo assured the media gathered at a hotel in the Valencian town of Oliva where the meeting between the internationals took place. the RFEF and the CSD that lasted for six hours and ended well into the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday.

Asked about the controversy that arose after Tomé’s words saying that he had not summoned Jenni Hermoso to “protect her.” “I think that at this moment we have to protect her from any pressure that she may have, we think about it that way and we have to respect it,” she said.

In addition, he was also clear about his continuity in the RFEF, although he could be one of the names that the players would have put on the table. “Yes, why not, if I show the audios you would think the other way around,” he replied to a journalist.

“Generally all of them,” he admitted about who had taken the lead among the internationals. “There has been good harmony and understanding and I think it has been good support that the CSD was here,” added Del Amo, who stressed that the federation has been working “for two weeks” on the requests made by the soccer players and that three of the points they considered “finished”, but implying that they needed time because they were “in the first week.” “The decisions will be seen shortly,” he concluded.