The time difference between Spain and Singapore has these things and Peter Lim, owner of Valencia, ended up dismissing this Monday Albert Celades At 9:00 p.m. when in the morning he had already started preparing for the imminent match this Wednesday against Athletic.

Salvador González ‘Voro’, the club's usual resource in times of crisis will be its substitute in the hope that it will get the team into Europe.

[+] Earthquake in Valencia

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The resignation came after the sports director first thing in the morning César Sánchez meet with the staff and take for granted the continuity of the coach. Perhaps more aware that the decision did not depend on any of them, President Anil could be seen Murthy and two of his collaborators having lunch peacefully in a bar near the headquarters.

Bet failed

Celades arrived at Valencia in September after the dismissal of Marcelino García Toral. Nor having won the Copa del Rey, nor have classified the team twice in a row for the Champions, nor having the full backing of the squad and the stands prevented the departure of the Asturian.

Although in principle, Murthy dressed his march and the arrival of Celades In a greater commitment to young people, he finally recognized that it was his public disagreements with Lim those that precipitated his departure and a few weeks later the departure of the also recognized Mateu Alemany as CEO.

The former Blaugrana took over the team without previously having any experience as a club's head coach. In his resume, his stage at the head of the U21 team and his brief stint at Real Madrid as assistant to Julen Lopetegui.

Although he took advantage of the inertia of his predecessor's work for a few months, with the start of 2020 the team, unrecognizable for its defensive fragility, entered a spiral of defeats in which it was still immersed and which meant its elimination from the Champions but that has also made him fall now to eighth place.


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